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Laser Hair Restoration Las Vegas, NV

Low-level lasers, commonly referred to as a cold lasers, generate no heat. Instead of damaging the effected areas, the laser works to  help repair the tissue, increase blood flow, and stimulate regeneration. Laser hair therapy has been approved for safety by the FDA.

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Does Laser Hair Restoration Therapy Work?

Generally, the younger the candidate and the less time their hair has been thinning, the better the response. In addition, the cause of the hair loss problem, and external factors such as stress, and the general hygiene of the scalp are taken into consideration.  Best Choice Hair Loss Treatment has successful clients from all age groups including some men and women in their 80’s.

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We have achieved excellent response for our clients and have very high customer satisfaction. It may take some time for a follicle to produce new hair and grow to a noticeable length. Results do vary but most of our clients typically start to notice a change at the 6 week  mark with a more significant cosmetic change within a few months. That is why we take photos of all clients every three months to monitor the improvements.

Laser Hair Restoration Cost in Las Vegas

There are many contributing  factors that will affect the cost of the program. It depends on what program that client is best suited for, the degree of hair loss, and what optional accessory products the client chooses as well. The treatments are cost effective and affordable for most people. Financing is also available.

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Hair Restoration Services in Las Vegas, NV

For those clients unable to come into our clinic on a regular basis, a portable at home laser hair restoration unit is available. Initially a client would begin with a 10 minute home laser session every second day. As with the clinic laser hair restoration program, once results are achieved the number of treatments are reduced.

Hair Restoration Patients Regrowth Plan

Most clients will begin with a 15 minute laser session per week. In addition, a portable home laser and various accessory products may be recommended to ensure optimum results are achieved. After results are achieved, treatments are tapered to a minimum. Once maximum potential has been achieved, it is suggested that the client continue with a Laser Hair Restoration session once every month or so to maintain the health of the hair.

Our laser light hair restoration procedures use cutting edge laser devices to achieve the maximum regrowth. Laser technology has come a long way over the past few years, and is achieving great success with hair loss therapy instead of hair restoration surgery.

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When looking for a quick answer to reverse your hair loss on the scalp of your head, laser hair reconstruction has been confirmed efficient. With today's advanced modern technology, along with scientifically shown anti-hair loss procedures, there is no reason to suffer with hair loss.

Surveys on the rate of effectiveness of laser hair therapy across the US reveals that the amount of success per person is 95 % on the average. It is FDA approved and there are no notable adverse effects since initial use of using laser therapy for treating hair loss.

We also know what it is like to suffer from hair loss and along with our experience is a dedication to complete client satisfaction. While not everyone is a good candidate for laser light hair restoration therapy, we will honestly evaluate your situation.  If you are accepted for laser therapy, we will also back up your results with a written guarantee.

Laser Hair Therapy
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